What is Considered a DUII in Oregon?


If you’re a driver in Oregon, you need to familiarize yourself with the state’s drunk driving laws. Drunk driving offenses are serious, and they can have a major impact on your life and livelihood. While every state has laws against drunk driving, there are some differences. In Oregon, operating a vehicle while under the influence […]

Man Found Guilty After DUI Crash Killed a Mother and 4 Children

DUI driver-at-fault-acutomatically-accident

The police have finally found the man involved in a DUI crash that killed a mother and 4 children in October 2017. Favian Garcia, the convict, from Gervais had to stand on trial, but there was a last-minute change in the schedule. He decided to sign a motion that agreed to the list of facts […]

Alcohol Breath Tests Can Land You in Jail Even If You Are Not Drunk

restricted license

More than a million Americans get arrested for DUI cases every year. The scene is almost the same every time. You see flashing blue lights following your car and asking you to stop in the middle of the night. Two police officers come out with a small machine and ask you to blow in it. […]

School Bus Driver Accused Of DUI After Crash With 10 Students On Board In Oregon

Picture of School Bus Driver Who was Accused Of DUI

A school bus driver was accused and consequently arrested for a DUI after he drove a school bus into a ditch with 10 school children between the ages of 10 and 16 on board. Fortunately, none of the children were harmed and each child was examined for injuries. Unfortunately, the law regarding DUI’s classifies a […]

Can I Refuse To Take A DUI Test In The State Of Oregon?

woman takes breathalyzer test after dui stop in oregon

In Oregon, Field Sobriety Tests are considered to be a search, and in Oregon, you can refuse or decline a search. However, in some circumstances, your refusal can be used against you. Should I Refuse to Take the Field Sobriety Test? The answer is yes, in most cases. It is a complex area of search […]

Can An Oregon DUII Be Expunged?

inmate processing paperwork for DUII arrest in Oregon

If you have been convicted or arrested for a DUII in the state of Oregon you have faced strong penalties and high fines already, including a license suspension, probation, and possibly jail time. However, there are also long-term consequences you may have not considered when you either lost at trial or plead guilty. For example, […]

How Much Does a DUI Cost in Oregon?

man arrested for DUI in Oregon

You have probably seen NHTSA’s and ODOT’s multi-million-dollar marketing campaigns that are intended to scare people into avoiding DUIs. While some people think they are over the top, truth is their warnings concerning DUI costs aren’t that far off. DUI charges tend to be expensive. A lot of people think that you pay the cost […]

Is It Possible To Have My Oregon DUII Case Dismissed?

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If you have been cited or arrested for DUI in Oregon, there are several ways to have the case dismissed. They include: No Charges Filed Technically speaking, this is not a case ‘dismissal’ since there are no DUI charges filed. In some instances, an Oregon prosecutor could receive a police report detailing a driving under […]