How Can I Get an Oregon Hardship License?

Oregon Hardship License
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A suspended driver’s license can have a major impact on your ability to live a normal life.  You may not realize just how much until you’re faced with the possibility of losing your right to drive. You likely became accustomed to driving everywhere you had to go. You may have been responsible for taking family members to work, school or medical appointments. Not being able to drive would cause major inconvenience to both you and your loved ones. If the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles suspended your driver’s license because of a DUII, you may be worried. Fortunately, a skilled DUII attorney in Portland may be able to help you get an Oregon hardship license. This will allow you to drive to specific destinations. Let’s look at who qualifies for these permits and exactly what they allow.

Oregon Hardship License Explained

Hardship permits are obtainable for some license suspensions. If you qualify, it can make the whole DUII ordeal a lot easier to bear. These licenses allow motorists to drive non-commercial vehicles with strict limitations. Generally, drivers can

  • Go to and from work or school
  • Go to seek employment
  • Go to rehab
  • Do some jobs that require driving, including delivery
  • Drive their children to school
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Driver to medical appointments
  • Care for elderly relatives

If it’s your first DUI conviction, you don’t need to wait to apply for a permit. However, if it’s your second conviction, you’ll need to wait for 90 days before you apply. It’s best to work with a Portland DUI attorney to ensure that your application is a strong one. Not only will your lawyer fight on your behalf but they will explain all your options to you.

If your license has been revoked because of three or more DUII convictions, you’re not eligible for a hardship permit. Also, if you get a second DUII conviction within five years, you won’t be able to get a permit. People with out-of-state driver’s licenses are also ineligible.

You can download the DMV Hardship Permit Application online. The form is a pretty simple one. However, you should speak to an attorney before you fill it out and submit it. That’s because you need to ensure the form is completed correctly so your permit doesn’t get rejected or delayed.  You also want to make sure the permit isn’t overly restrictive.

Requirements for Getting an Oregon Hardship License

To get back behind the wheel, you’ll need some documents in addition to the hardship permit. For example, you’ll need an SR-22 certificate to drive legally. This is a document issued by an Oregon-licensed insurance company. It states that they are aware of your DUII and they’re willing to provide coverage.

Meanwhile, if you want the ability to travel to and from work, you’ll need a letter from your employer. This letter should set out:

  • The days and times you work
  • The location of the job
  • Whether you drive as part of your job
  • Whether you drive an employer-owned or state-owned vehicle
  • Which counties you will drive in

Hardship permits typically only allow drivers to go from Point A to Point B. However, if you’ll be driving on the job, you’ll have more freedom as long as you have duties in varying counties. The counties you traverse must be in Oregon and they must connect.

If you’re unemployed or your DUII cost you your job, you can seek a permit in order to look for work. You will need to list all the counties in which you will be looking for work. This permit will be valid for 120 days.

Contact the Attorneys at the Trilogy Law Group Today to Discuss Your Case

A DUII conviction can change your life considerably. If you can’t drive to work or school or take your elderly parents to the doctor, it’s bound to be frustrating. You need to speak to a law firm in Portland that handles DUII cases about getting a hardship permit. You won’t be as free as you used to be, but you’ll be able to go to and from important destinations. Contact Trilogy Law Group as soon as possible so we can begin working on your behalf. We’ll look into your current case and your DUII record to determine if you’re eligible for an Oregon hardship license. If you are, we’ll assist you in filing your application and regaining your driving privileges. Contact us today so we can get started.

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