What You Need to Know About Drugs & Alcohol Education Programs

DUI offense in Oregon
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You have probably heard that people who get DUI penalties have to pay high fines, get their license suspended, install an interlock ignition device on their vehicle and attend drug and alcohol education programs. These programs teach people about the risk of addiction. Usually, they are called “DUI school” or “DUI classes.” They may be court-ordered after a DUI arrest. Their main goal is to help people who struggle with excessive use of drugs or alcohol.  If you were charged for a DUI recently, make sure to talk to a Portland DUI lawyer as soon as possible.

Who Benefits From This Treatment?

If you’re concerned about your drug or alcohol use you can benefit from such education programs. Most participants usually should meet several criteria such as being first-time DUI convicts, using drugs or alcohol, and want to stop potential addiction or show early warning signs of substance use disorder.

DUI Treatment Requirements

In most states, there is a mandatory alcohol education requirement which is one of the many penalties that DUI convicts get. So if you get arrested for driving under the influence in Oregon, you could easily face a mandatory program for alcohol education. This program is there to educate you on substance abuse and addiction, but also the consequences of drinking or taking drugs and driving.

Once you complete the education programs, they lead to reduced penalties such as the ability to get back your driving license for example. Usually, the criminal court, DUI court, or the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles require DUI convicts to attend these programs.

What to Expect?

These education programs differ based on the treatment center, but will typically have group sessions. The group members will also be facing the consequences of drug and alcohol use. Most of these education programs start with an evaluation to determine if you meet the criteria for a substance use disorder. Once you complete the program, you will get a certificate to show the judge that you have fulfilled the treatment requirements.

The programs cover different topics, such as the effects of addiction to the consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. For a better effect, these programs have small groups so each member can get enough attention.

Can Education Programs Prevent Addiction?

If you are worried about your use of drugs or alcohol, attending an addiction awareness program can help you gain your control back. These programs will help you identify the developing addiction, especially if you aren’t meeting the criteria for a substance use disorder. Most people enroll in such education programs after they were charged with a DUI (first-time offense usually). However, you don’t need to be convicted to enroll in such a program. You may feel that you are having a problem, or maybe you see a loved one struggling with drug or alcohol abuse.

Do You Need an Attorney?

Drinking and driving is illegal in all states, so if you get pulled over by the police, or cause an accident while driving under the influence, you can’t expect things to end up great. If a law enforcement officer has stopped you and arrested you for DUI, or you were charged with a DUI, it’s important to talk to a DUI attorney.

This way you are helping your case by allowing a professional to review your case and stand by your side. Many people who are facing a conviction for the first time have no idea what to do and they panic and fear the outcome. And this is completely normal. Having a DUI charge can change many things for you such as your driving privileges, paying high penalties, and even going to jail.

Your attorney will represent your case in court and do their best to get you the best outcome. Not being able to drive can affect your job and education, and let’s not mention that the charge stays on your driving record for good. Our team at Trilogy Law Group is here to help you.

Allow us to review your case and see how we can help. Remember, going by yourself in court could be a risky move since you need a skilled, educated, and experienced attorney who knows what to do and what to say to help you get the mildest penalty possible.

In case you get penalties including the drug and alcohol education programs, your lawyer will make sure to complete it so you can have proof that you’re dedicated to becoming a careful and sober driver. Contact us today and schedule your consultation.

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