Do Not Leave The Accident Scene After A DUI Crash

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Living in Portland is fun and all with the vibrant nightlife, all until you end up facing a DUI crash. But there are some things you need to keep in mind and act accordingly when faced with such a disaster.

Today we are here to guide you on what you should do and what not to do if you get involved in a DUI accident, and why you should not flee the scene.

No matter how panicked you are, leaving the crime scene can put you in a compromising position in the case. Fleeing from the scene will not only leave you on thin ice; you will also lose important evidence that can help you defend yourself in the case.

Luckily the steps after a DUI are similar to the process after any other road accident, and getting a professional DUI defense lawyer should be a top priority.

Evaluate The Situation

First of all, assess the situation around you. Ensure you and the people you are driving with are safe, and no one is seriously injured. In case of an injury, call the police and paramedics before anything else.

Yes, you messed up, but you still have civic duties to take care of, thus stay put and try to keep the situation under control. If you or any of your mates have not suffered any serious injury, look around the accident scene, and record as much information as you can.

There can be several other factors as well, i.e. perhaps the other party violated a traffic law or something else, so don’t lose hope from the beginning, just try to stay alert.

Record Evidence

Use your mobile to record a video of a scene, take photos, and point to tangible evidence. Even though the crash was your fault, you still need evidence to avoid being blamed for more than what you did.

Don’t touch anything or move it, instead, leave everything where and how it is.

Also, you should exchange information with the other driver, be polite, and avoid saying anything that compromises your case.

Note Down The Damage

As you are waiting for the police to arrive, use the time to note down the damage caused by the accident. This will be important because you might be otherwise blamed for a much greater mess than you created.

The recorded evidence and any statement from the other party (don’t give one yourself), can help you fight your DUI defense case on favorable terms.

Cooperate With The Police

When the officers show up, maintain your cool, this will help your case a lot. Your behavior will reflect on your personality and become an important factor in your DUI defense case. The police will test you for DUI; you must cooperate however possible.

If your license gets suspended, which is possible under the Oregon DUI and license suspension laws, you should talk to your lawyer about it. The police can arrest a DUI driver, but if that happens, you have the right to remain silent, use it, and zip your tongue.

Remember, your behavior at this time will be relevant in your case.

Talk to Your Lawyer & Insurance Company

The first person who needs to know the details of your case is your DUI defense lawyer. You’ll have to provide the details to your lawyer, who’ll discuss things with your insurance service provider.

Remember, the more information you can provide to your lawyer, the better they’ll be able to help you.

The drivers at fault in DUI crash cases usually face criminal and civil penalties. This may include the payment for the damage that occurred to the other party or parties, possible jail, and fines. These may also include the cancellation of the driver’s license along with other penalties.

But if you consult your DUI defense lawyer early on, you can save yourself lots of hassle.

Consequences of Leaving the Accident Scene

Now let’s assume you didn’t take the advice and fled the scene.

The only thing that you will end up with is the loss of important evidence and your position in the case. Plus, if you get chased after, chances are that you’ll end up in a fight (since alcohol lowers inhibitions) which will further complicate matters.

You will also end up breaking several laws such as violating traffic lights, putting you in much deeper trouble than otherwise, you might perhaps even cause another accident. Thus you should never leave the accident scene.

Trilogy Law Group Is Here For You

We strongly advise you to follow the instructions and make sure you are taking measures while abiding by the law.

This is the only way to secure your stance in the case, and once you’re through the initial ordeal, let our professional DUI defense attorneys from the Trilogy Law Group help you through the mess, all the while exercising your legal rights.

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