Alcotest Under Suspicion Of DUI: Can You Say No?

Police officer holding alcotest machine for breath test

An alcotest is a common way for the police to check your blood alcohol level. Drunk driving is a serious offense, and the consequences of this negligence can be disastrous. Injury, financial loss, and even death may result from an accident caused by DUI. Furthermore, if you’re arrested for drunk driving, things can become unnecessarily […]

What To Do If The Arresting Officer Violated Your Rights?


Even DUI offenders have rights guaranteed by the constitution. Any Portland police officer cannot violate your rights or mistreat you if you cooperate completely and don’t overstep your bounds. Even in the case of friction, the police are bound to treat you reasonably, any attempt to aggravate you or other abusive behavior is completely unacceptable. […]

You Have Rights, Even in a DUI Case


Yes, you read that right – even someone suspected of DUI has rights that not only dictate how they ought to be treated but also what they need to do and what they can refuse. But before we take a step further into this discussion, let us make one thing absolutely clear: you cannot refuse […]

DUI Penalties for Drivers Under 18


DUI penalties may be extremely harsh for drivers under the age of 18. Getting your license in high school means two things – finally, you get the freedom to drive yourself from A to B and of course you’d want to show up in front of your friends. Many kids aged fifteen to eighteen will […]

The Most Frequently Asked DUI Questions


When people get arrested for DUI, they face some serious challenges when it comes to their driving privileges, but also for the fines they have to pay, and the penalties that are following. No matter if this is your first, second, or subsequent DUI offense, it’s important to stay calm and hire a Portland DUI […]

How Drugs Can Affect Your Driving


Consuming drugs, whether prescribed, over-the-counter, legal, or illegal may affect your driving abilities. Causing an accident in such a case will be considered a DUI. Even though the best advice is to stay away from driving when taking drugs or mix them with alcohol, here is some useful information about the impact drugs can have […]

Here’s What Doctors Should Know About Getting a DUI

Concept of doctor getting DUI in Oregon

Driving under the influence, besides it’s illegal, can be devastating for any driver, but especially so for doctors. Penalties, driver’s license suspension, installment of interlock ignition device, alcohol programs, even jail time are the potential things a DUI driver faces after a charge. But, it seems that some professions can get a far harsher outcome […]

What You Need to Know About Driving Children While Intoxicated

driving children while intoxicated

Driving children while intoxicated is not legal, per se. However, when your passengers are children, then you could easily face child endangerment charges. Also, your penalties will be more severe and you’ll have to deal with child protective services. To put it simply, a case like this is complex and requires a skilled and experienced […]

How to Know if Your Driver’s License Was Suspended

driver's license-suspension

Have you just learned that your driver’s license is currently suspended? This shouldn’t be something to wonder, since most of us believe that if our driver’s license was suspended, we’d know it. However, it’s very much possible that if your driver’s license was suspended, you might not know it. There are various reasons for suspensions, […]

Can You Get a DUI Charge for Prescribed Drugs

prescribed drugs-DUI-charge

DUI charges are often related to driving under the influence of alcohol and illegal substances. However, many people take legal drugs (because of health conditions) and they probably wonder if they can get a DUI charge for driving while taking legally prescribed drugs? The answer is yes, you can get charged for driving under the […]

What Happens If Your BAC Shows Lower Than The Legal Limit

prescribed drugs-DUI-charge

The legal limit for drunk driving is .08 BAC. If an officer pulls you over and asks you to perform the breathalyzer test and it shows a higher result than .08 then it’s a case of DUI. The limit over 0 is for a reason – you can have a glass of wine at dinner […]

What Happens If You’re a Second-time DUII Offender in Oregon


If you are convinced of driving under the influence of intoxicants in Oregon it means that you had BAC of .08% or more or drove under the influence of alcohol, a controlled substance, and/or inhalant or cannabis. if it’s your second time as a DUII offender in Oregon, that’s bad news. To be considered “under […]